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Bella is almost undefinable. I always tell people I’m like an onion because I have so many layers, but who wants to be an onion? Lol. So I’ll just describe myself as a masterpiece. A walking piece of art with fine details. I’m an Atlanta-based creative. I’ve been doing art all my life. I started painting at the age of 14. Being creative is my passion! I also do creative direction, web/ graphic design, photography, and modeling. My creativity and refined eye has made me one of the most talented creatives in Atlanta. As an Army veteran attention to detail along with structure is important to me. In contrary, I’m also a free-flowing spirit and highly intuitive. My biggest strength is being able to bring my client’s vision to life. In 2020, my work started to catch the interest of the entertainment and media industry, garnering me relationships with top brands, companies, and high-profile clientele. In 2022, I decided to leave my comfortable creative cocoon, and pursue a career of creating more art of my own, while inspiring others.

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Bella Gottii

Instagram: @bellagottii

Tel: (678) 929-8060

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