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Bella is a multifaceted creative artist based out of Atlanta, with a lifelong passion for art that began with drawing. At the age of 14 she began painting. A walking masterpiece with an eye for detail, she excels in painting, graphic/ web design, photography, and modeling. Bella's unique blend of creativity and precision has established her as one of Atlanta's most talented creatives. As a former Army veteran, she values structure and attention to detail, while her free-flowing spirit and intuition drive her artistic vision. Her greatest strength lies in bringing her clients' visions to life with flair. In 2020, Bella's work captured the attention of the entertainment and media industry, leading to collaborations with top brands and high-profile clientele. In 2022, she decided to leave her comfortable creative cocoon, and pursue a career of creating more art of her own, while continuing to inspire others.

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Bella Gottii

Instagram: @bellagottii

Tel: (678) 929-8060

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